Junk Food?

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Heya everyone,

If you are planning to eat junk food then at least have it at your favourite place. So yep I had a wonderful evening with my best friend. We met after so long and I was really missing her. The good news she is getting married to the person she loves. I am so happy for her. Among two friends if one is lucky then it is still good. Not everyone gets married to the person they love :P XD.

Whenever I want to eat really a good burger I visit BYOB(Build your own burger). BYOB has the best burger and why not they are famous just because of their burgers :P. Sitting in an open area and enjoying your unhealthy junk food is the best feeling in the world😝 but hey we don't eat daily so once in a blue moon it is ok to have some delicious fast food.


They have a very limited menu but whatever they have is the best. Some prefer quality over quantity. This restaurant is located in a very posh area of our city they could have added more.

This place is well known due to its core speciality beef burger but i don't like beef burger sad :( anyways i hope they will add more items and will keep the same quality. The most amazing fact I like is you can make your burger yourself. Sounds strange? but yep you make your own food if you want to.


This place gives you a sense of calmness. If you really want to enjoy a good burger or you want to build your own burger then this is the right place,

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It would have been a little weird to name the restaurant Build Your Own Burger yet one isn't allowed to make their burger themselves.
So I am not surprised at all that anyone can make their burger there provided they want to.
Nice junk food you got there and you are right, eating your favorite junk food in a nice place is the best feeling ever but remember, once in a while and don't junkify your life hahaha. 😁


yet one isn't allowed to make their burger themselves.
no, you can actually build your own burger :P

Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

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This is great, to meet old friends. I have never heard of place like this before BYOB
Thanks for sharing your thoughts