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Heya everyone,

I felt like making a post on this very important topic. What I have observed I know plenty of people who are using #neoxian tag but they don't even know if there is any neoxiancity voting bot, besides from the neoxian city dwellers. We all the citizens have been taking advantage of neoxiancityvb. It not only gives you vote in dollars but also you can earn #Leo, #palnet, #neoxag and plenty of other coins. Yep, Neoxiancityvb has a decent amount of Leo, Planet delegation. and some good accounts are following our city bot. I myself also following city bot and mind you i have a decent Leo power. It is more than 3k and my Pal power is more than 5K. Neoxian sir has delegated a very decent amount of Leo and Pal to our city bot.

How to use

Ok, You guys need a demo now? I know I am going to use Neoxiancityvb on my one of the posts and i will share all process.

First of all, go to Sign in and then go-to your wallet.
In your wallet, you have to check if you have Neoxag. If you do then go to send token option.



You can bid on any amount. The vote will give you vote according to your Bid. If you have sent more than the desired bid then don't worry our city bot is pretty smart it will partially refund the exceeded amount.


You see I sent 700 Neoxag to neoxiancityvb with memo my post link. Bot refunded my extra Neoxag with the message. Partial refund: your Bid exceeded our max vote value. Have you ever seen such kind of smartness? no the what are you waiting for? go ahead and use this amazingly amazing bot on your neoxian, Leo tagged posts. Usage is pretty simple I hope you got it well.

100% neoxiancityvb vote is 0.4 and I hope you don't want to miss it, do you? if no then go and take advantage of this golden bot and thanks me later :P XD see y'all

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Very nice! I'm always stake all my NEOXAG

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try to have some liquid Neoxag and use them for the vote ;)

Great if you haven't post this I was going to make this post today indeed. I just saw your post mam. great indeed.
I have a question in mind if anyone don;t use #neoxian tag are they eligible to use this bot? to there post .

yes they can

ok thanks mam for the confirmation

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Wow, that's interesting. I'll try asap. 👍 😎 🤑 Thanks for the info! btw @xawi - this is not valid for staked neoxag, right?

you have to have liquid Neoxa in order to use this bot. How can you send staked neoxag? :P ;)

@xavi I know that you can't but I thought that the vote % depends not only on bot power but also on staked Neoxag, because you mention that you get an award in Pal and Leo too ... smart bot ...

Yes we get pal and Leo because a bot has Lep and Pal power. And you don't need staked Neoxag in order to get the highest % of the vote. It all depends on your Bid. Smart bot meant if you bid high and it exceeds the max voting % then the bot will return your extra bid

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Thank you this is great information!! I learned something new.
I have a few NEXAG myself. What other tokens are great to stake?

Other than Neoxag I do like Leo, Pal

Votebots have such a difficult standing on HIVE, interesting.

@manniman are you willing to trade your workers again?

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Sure, how big is your demand?