How do you create abundance in your life?

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Today I took some time to think about it. I found it interesting so decided to ask and share with all. So my question is very simple. How do you create an abundance in your life? I asked the same question from my mama and she replied by giving love and affection to her children. Yes, I can understand for a mother loving her children and giving them affection would create abundance in her life.

I do believe abundance is a precious gift that you can only gift to yourself and no one else. Do you agree with my point? I believe I am making a strong pint so y'all would agree with me. For some people, good food creates abundance in their life and for some unconditional love. Oh, Yes unconditional love can be a great way to create abundance in your life. Also practising kindness, gratitude and trying to create awareness through understanding could be cool means in order to create abundance in your life.

In my case how do I create abundance in my life? well, my life funda is becoming weird these days. I enjoy my own company. I used to be a nice blend of introvert and extrovert but now it seems I am only like being introvert most of the times. My own room creates abundance in my life. Playing splinterlands and chatting with friends and yes baking is another thing which creates abundance in my life. I don't bake more often but when I feel like baking anything I just put all the baking ingredients in a Mug and blend them with a spoon and then just microwave it and my small cupcake is ready. It gives me joy, happiness.

Right now after spending a tiring day when I am writing this post this small cup of chai creating abundance in my life.


Little things make me feel great i don't need a good and big reason for that. Simplicity is the best way to create whatever you want in your life. That's all for now, see ya :)

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