HALFLING ALCHEMIST- A Promo epic worth buying.

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Heya splinter fellas,

How was your previous season? and how were the rewards? Well, my season was as expected and I ended my season in my desired leagues. Season rewards were as usual full of potions. But yea on my one account I got one legendary after ages :P XD. A few days ago I dropped message in discord that please someone give me a bitch slap. It was for a purpose I spent 68k decs on one epic card. Can you imagine spending such a large amount of decs on one epic card? Well, that epic card is not an ordinary one it is HALFLING ALCHEMIST. Yea I had level 3 and I wanted to make it level 4 so I can get Redemption ability. I have been waiting for so long and I was hoping it will come down but naw HALFLING ALCHEMIST refused to come down so I just closed my eyes, went ahead and did max my HALFLING ALCHEMIST yooooooo.



I purchased it for 1.39$/BCX or almost 1700 Decs/BCX. It was quite expensive for me but when I am up to something then I don't look at if it is cheap or expensive. Also, I just maxed out my whole untamed deck only three epics were left and today I did the needful. I now worry less but seriously am I? Because I just saw a recent splinterlands post where they announced new reward cards it means more investment ughhh. If you want to stay in the game you have to have all the cards either they are untamed, Dice edition, promo or rewards. Well, reward cards have always been easy to get so I think I am not that upset. This is what splinterlands is for you. Unending investment, wonder if I can ever get tired of this game.


Well, I maxed it out because I am using this card on ts-neoxian. I felt I am missing it on my own account. It is such a great card with Zaku in reverse speed. I use it more often in low mana games. HALFLING ALCHEMIST can be a game-changer if you know when and how to use it ;)

I have also maxed a few reward legendaries such as ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT
such a great legendary reward edition especially in odd one's rules. It is so cheap right now that you can easily afford it. But let me tell you to go and max it asap before its too late. Usually, we don't max things out on time and later we buy expensive. I have learnt this from my past mistakes. 😂



This yellow beauty is so damn good in reverse speed.


I guess I am done with my post. It's already too late gotta do my quest asap see y'all around take care

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I LOVE the Halfling Alchemist. LOVE. I don't have him maxed (I don't play with a max deck), but he's one of my 'go-to' buddies.

yusssssssssss indeed