Grim Reaper-An unblockable projectile

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Hello Warrior's

This week splinterlands weekly challenge is Grim Reaper. Umm, I use it more often so i do like this week challenge. This 6 mana ranged attack monster is pretty cool. It has three abilities such as affliction, piercing and the most important one oppress. I try using it against Keep your distance rule. Where you have no choice but Lord Arianthus or any other non attacking monster. That's where oppress ability does wonder and gives you inner happiness :P XD

MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs Criptoanarquista

My Line-up

Lord Arianthus

I was given Unprotected and keep your distance rules. That's why I used Lord Arianthus in the first position. I use Lord Arianthus too much in my battles that I have told plenty of time how amazing it is :P XD

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I used Cornealus in second place. It already has magic reflect ability and with Mimosa, it got the void ability as well. Best combination against magic attack since it has self-healing power.

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Fallen Specter

I used Fallen Specter in third place. It gives you blind ability along with headwinds. In case your opponent uses ranged attack it would help in that regard.

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I used Soulstorm in fourth place. Earth splinter was active so I was expecting more of ranged attack. This is why I used Soulstorm just to reduce more ranged attack but my opponent surprised me by using magic attack :P XD

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Phantom Soldier

I used Phantom Soldier in 5th place. Well, somewhere in my mind I had magic attack doubt so Thank God I used Phantom Soldier :P XD it gives you silence ability which reduces -1 magic attack of your opponent's team.

Grim Reaper
I used Grim Reaper, the theme of the week in the last position. I used it because of its oppress ability and I think this battle will tell the actual worth of this monster.

Hope you did enjoy my battle I will see y'all in next challenge post take care.

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

What a big death team you have hahaha.