Gloridax Soldier - A highly specialized master of weaponry

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Ok fine, first of all, I wasn't sure if I could participate in this challenge. The reason is very clear my Gloridax Soldier was just level 1. And battling with level 1 card in the champion league? you must be joking then :P XD but you know what? I did it and I actually won 😱 💪.

So before peeking on the further post I humbly request to Carrie, please give us some time to upgrade them😂 ok just kidding :P I play with three accounts xawi, zawarrior and everythinggirl. My all account had 1 Gloridax Soldier each. I transferred them to my main account and combined them. I still needed one more to make it level 2 at least. So I went ahead and purchased one. Came back and combined it to level 2. Now it was looking a little decent so I could use it in the battle.

I hit battle option luckily got a rule Earthquake. I personally don't like this rule but today when I got this rule I liked it for the very first time :P XD. It is because Gloridax Soldier is a dragon card and it has flying ability.

Gloridax Soldier

Name: Gloridax Soldier
Edition: Reward
Rarity: Rare dragon monster
element: Dragon
Currently trading at 0.078$/BCX


MY Battle 🏆


battle Link

Heavy Hitters, Earthquake along with 24 mana cap*

My Lineup

Selenia Sky
I was given earthquake rule and we all know most of the dragon monsters have the flying ability and this week splinterlands challenge theme is dragon monster so it is obvious you have to have used dragon summoners. Why selenia? well, I knew that I am going to use the Spirit of the forest so just to increase her ranged attack otherwise I could have used Camila or Daria dragon scale.

gif sp.gif

Gloridax Soldier

I used Gloridax Soldier the theme of the week in the first place. And Gloridax Soldier made me think we are missing a good card. I mean when you will watch my battle you will see the misses. And those missed shots made me win this battle. I am beginning to like this card and going to max it asap. I used it in the first place, And it has oppress ability at level 5. Just imagine the destruction would have happened if only my Gloridax Soldier was at level5. I am beginning to pity Lord Ailanthus. I didn't see oppress ability in action yet but yea would love to see the condition of Lord Arianthus in front of Gloridax Soldier. This 5 mana dragon rare has proved that this card is worth upgrading.

gif sp.gif

Lord Arianthus

I used Lord Arianthus in the second place. I was expecting a snipe attack and also I was using a level2 Gloridax Soldier so I wasn't sure how long it would last but this monster literally surprised me.

gif sp.gif

Furious Chicken
I used Furious Chicken in third place. Why do we use Chicken in our battles? as filler? :P yep, I had an extra place so I used chicken just to fill up that extra place in addition to that it took all the screeching vulture attacks which helped me a lot in winning this battle.

gif sp.gif


I used the Brownie in fourth place. I love it's inspire and swift ability. I use Brownie a lot in my battles. Best ever epic. I just love it.

gif sp.gif

Screeching Vulture

I used this Screeching Vulture in fifth place. Again the reason is earthquake rule. It has flying ability along with opportunity and scavenger. I also use this card too much in my battles.

gif sp.gif

Spirit of the forest I used this savage beauty in the last. Again my favourite card😂. I use her tooo toooo much lol because I really love her. She is damn good. She has an amazing snipe ranged attack also heals the monster in the first place in addition to that she provides armour to all the friendly monsters. What else you need? :P XD

gif sp.gif


Did My strategy work out?

yes, 100% as you can see the result. I used it for the first time and I won. I will be upgrading it ASAP. Thank you so much for giving us this challenge because this challenge made me realise how amazing card this is.



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Muy buen post, exelente como siempre, te dejo mi voto.

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

I Bought a level 5 Gloridax Soldier but was in cooldown so I never use OPPRESS ability, maybe next time.

Wow! You have a good card!