Getting tired of this Crisis thingy

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Heya dcitizens,

Ok any solution of being attacked by that crisis thing? I mean I am losing plenty of sims just because of these crises. I ignored it plenty of time and didn't bother to think about it. But sorry now it is getting on my nerves and I am really pissed off. My city is continuously being attacked by the crisis. Daily there is a new crisis. Where I suppose to get 700 sims I am just getting 500+.


Right now my city is being attacked by a Natural disaster and it reduced my income and popularity. Also why the hell I need 61 workers. I have been a little busy lately and couldn't check my city and today when i saw my income and crisis thing it got me curious and I checked my city. I was amazed to see I need 61 workers. I remember I always maintain my city with respect to worker etc. But suddenly you did nothing and you need 61 workers. I need an easy solution to this crisis and also need a suggestion if I should buy more cards in order to fulfil the gap between workers or I should buy them from the market? And how can I overcome these crises in my city?

That was the short update of my city looking forward to suggestions

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The crisis is only a simulation. Most likely the higher taxes is what is causing your lower SIM income each day. Crisis is meant to come in third edition when you can combine cards, as you will be able to combine multiple cards/tech cards to make the crisis prevention cards. :)

Nice, thank you so much. I am still learning though

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and i was thinking pakistan is under attack

dumb as usual not surprised

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love you too

Your City got Criminals, Homeless, Immigrants, Gambler so it will reduce the popularity & you got this (-) citizen issue.
By the way that Natural Disaster thing is a simulator. So you won't worry about that till 3rd edition release. But better prepare for those disasters now ;)


Nice very cool yep i am also waiting for fr 3rd edition release. let's see what it brings for us

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get rid of those criminal cards ...

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Yeah defo man.. The amount of workers needed will be reduced loads..

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Have you become a dictator dear? Cheers!

lolz, why did you say that?

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