Feral Spirits- Horrible destructive Luminous Beast

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Heya splinter fella's

This week splinterlands challenge is one of my favourite monsters. Feral Spirit is such a fast and furious beast that has the ability to hash and slash your all backline. Today, when I woke up and realised today, is the last day of splinterlands challenge. I decided to skip this week challenge because laziness caught me so hard. Still, I went to check the challenge theme when I saw its feral Spirit. I decided no matter what I will do this.

Feral Spirit

Name: Feral spirit
Edition: Alpha
Rarity: Common
Element: Life
Abilities: Sneak

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MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs BigJoy

My Line-up

Usually, when I get weak magic rule i go with Life splinter. Because I think Life deck is the best in the weak magic rule.


I used Shieldbearer as my first monster. It has a lot of armour and also two other cool abilities such as taunt and shield. Because of its taunt ability, it takes all the attacks so I love this monster.

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I used Truthspeaker in second place. it heals, cleanse and also provides +2 armour to all the friendly monsters so what else you need from one 3 mana monster? she is such a cool monster. And it should be in your life deck.

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Angel of Light

I used Angel of Light in third place. Angel of Light does inspire all the friendly melee monsters. Also, it heals and resurrects.

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Feral spirit

I used Feral spirit the theme of this week in fourth place. My Feral spirit is level 9 so it has only 3 melee attack but after getting inspiration from the angel of light it got +1 melee attack. It did attack first because of its hi-fi speed. Feral Spirit is the fast and furious monster with a sneak attack. It kills your, all backline if you don't take any precaution.

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Elven Cutthroat

I used Elven Cutthroat in 5th place. Another sneak beast. if you are going with a sneak attack then sneak attack could be incomplete without Elven Cutthroat.

gif sp.gif

Divine Healer

I used Divine Healer in the last place. You see I used a lot of healers in this game. Yes, it is because I wanted too much healing for my shield-bearer so it can stay longer.

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