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Hello Dcitizens, I am not buying cards anymore. I used to buy random cards because I have had this thought maybe one day I will be lucky enough and I will be getting Military complex, But I kept getting trash cards hence I decided not to invest anymore. So what is the next plan? selling sim? Noooooooo I am going to save my Sim income for the third edition. I have heard that soon Dcity is going to launch Third edition cards and I am very curious to know what would be in that edition. We will see so better get ready for the heavy buying. I will make sure I will be having enough sim to buy third edition cards.

My city right now


I need to hire 58 people. And there is a pandemic in my city. Again 20% population f my city is sick and they aren't working. I guess the solution of a pandemic is purchasing more hospitals?

The most annoying thing

Well in real life I don't pay taxes, only my father does so I did;t it can be hell annoying. I have a small city and I am paying 18% Income tac, and war tax is 12% these two are just killing my income 😥.



#Nft Art Gallery


Oh, I just noticed I have received new art piece, Happy Javelin Thrower. Thank you so much @shrazi for being so kind I appreciate. That's the little update of my city. Let's keep calm and wait for the third edition :P Xd

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You have successful discourage me from joining... cheers

Lolz dumbo😂

love you too!

You Welcome, It was new year gift to some of my #Nexoain Citizens :)
Glad that you like it

Have a nice day!

Heheh wow thanks I am so lzy i just checked it now :P

Always Welcome

I‘ve got too
many citizens, would you like to buy some for Neoxag?

yea sure why not? let me know the deal

Neoxag : 0.00399HIVE
Sim : 0.00374HIVE

You need 30x'Workers' for 60 supply, that's 3500SIM <=> rounded 3000NEOXAG, so 100 NEOXAG for each 'Workers' card.

I'll put them into the market . I'll send them over to your place, send back what you don't want to keep, and payback in NEOXAG what you want to keep. Something tells me that you rather earn NEOXAG than SIM.


Ok let me know your id name where do you want Neoxag?

hmmmm well, on @manniman ? :D

thank you so much I've sent 3000 neoxag

nice, you're great

Nice city!
You need to be patient. 3rd edition has been teased since like 2 months ago or more... It may be well out in 2 more months.
Taxes are fine. They are high when people dump SIMs. With more taxes SIM will be more scarce, and people will need to keep them to buy the needed cards for employing workers.
Last advice, try to fill all your spots! The sooner your city is producing full capacity, the sooner you start receiving SIMs and cards are paying themselves in about 4 months or so...
Good luck!
(Yeah, I love this game, currently a top 250 player ^_^)

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