Common Vs Legendary

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Hello all warrior's

Some battles can surprise you and it can be annoying as hell as well. When you are playing ranked battles and your ranking is higher than your opponent and your opponent surprises you with the line-up you can't even imagine then you lose plenty of points and that's what is a pretty annoying thing.

Well, I try not to experiment with llama but sometimes I do take a risk. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. The battle i am going to show right now is pretty cool. I wasn't expecting Gelatinous Cube can be this much awesome. I mean Gelatinous Cube alone was enough to kill Kron the undying.

First I wanted to give the title Gelatinous Cube vs Kron the undying but common vs legendary is an epic i think :P XD


Kron has the last stand and it fits in earthquake rule. Cube doesn't have the last stand but it got from the summoner. After getting the last stand Cube got 25 life and we know how strong self-healing it has. The result was obvious it went to fatigue and since Kron had less life span than Cube so it got killed early and cube won. That was some nice strategy and I really liked it. I am the kind of player who will think 10 times before using alone Cube :P XD


In this battle again same rule with 13 mana cap. Well, my opponent was jacekw and I wasn't expecting Mylor from his side. I guess he didn't pay attention to rules :P XD I was sure he is going to use Brighton bloom. I could have used Brighton bloom as well but I preferred to use Cube with scarred llama mage. And I won this battle.

I just wanted to show in low mana games and in earthquake kind of rules when there are fair chances of fatigue then Cube can be best with a llama. I hope you have enjoyed two silly battles. See y'all around

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Wow! Very cool, but you imitated your previous opponent, this is not worth. :D

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lolz yes you can say but i guess it was worth it