Beatrix Ironhand- Royal princess

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Hello there,

Beatrix Ironhand is an epic monster of earth splinter. she is the 9th special airdrop character who got unlocked after the sale of the untamed event. For every 100,000 sold untamed packs one character gets unlocked and if you have purchased untamed packs then you get those characters through airdrops.
I had 233 eligible packs for the airdrop and I got 9 Beatrix Ironhand. I was able to make it to level 3 but I wanted her maxed in my collection. In the early days of Beatrix Ironhand, she was pretty expensive. I even wanted to buy her at 0.6$/BCX. But since no one wanted to sell her at this price I decided to have some patience :P XD And patience always gives you fruitful results.

Last night when I was checking out the market for the cards I wanted to buy and I always keep my eyes on my desired cards. Whenever I see them cheap on the market I instantly buy them. I had no plans of buying Beatrix Ironhand. But when I saw she was getting sold at 0.37/BCX. It was a great opportunity to have her in my collection. I already had level 3 but she was maxed on the market. I didn't want to miss this opportunity so i instantly purchased her. Sometimes having decs in your balance can be a blessing :P XD.




It cost me 17$ (26k DECs). This Royal daughter intensely dislike being called a princess but I will still be calling her princess :P XD she is so cute holding a boomerang in her hands. She is an expert on ancient boomerang arts this is why she leads the Maglarian defence forces. On the battlefield, I prefer to use her in the first position because she has a close rangeability. It means she can attack from any position. Also, she gives you thorn ability so if you are using her in the first position any melee attacker would get thorns from her. She also has a cripple ability the most useless ability I suppose. I didn't see any such great use case of this ability yet. Anyways that is the buy of the day see ya

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I think she is also doing well in the last position, at least it hurts sneak attackers a little

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yep very true

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Ohhh! I love her too!
And yes, patience is a virtue that often pays out in the end. 😎-carrieallen