Are you excited about Project blank?

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Hi there,
I am powering up some more Leo's. All these Leos I got from my posts payouts. By mining, and by curating Leo tagged posts. I am about to hit 3200 LEO power. I am excited about Leo because I haven't invested much still I am in a pretty decent position. My main goal is at least 5k Leo power. If i am collecting 70 Leos in 15 days then i need almost 1800 Leos to achieve my goal of 5k Leo power.


It will take me a year or so get at that points OMG😂. Currently, Leo devs are working on various projects and according to them, #projectBlank is the biggest one in terms of value and scope. Projectblank Leo drop will be for Leo holders and users and for those who are actively using their site. Hmmm well, I actively use neoxiancity for my posts and I never bothered to use any other site. I will still be using neoxiancity for my posts but i will try commenting on Leo posts using their interface in order to get some more Leo drop. They have mentioned about the Projectblank Leo drop and snapshot and that sounds really interesting. Leo is bringing innovation so holding Leo and staking them up is not a bad deal at all.

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Yes recently seen the post about that, you are a great leo power indeed soon you will reach to 5k with no time indeed.
and really excited about the projectblank indeed. Lets see what will happen 😊🤝

thankyou! I am sure i will

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Indeed 😀🤝💰