An Open question to all the Nigeian's of Neoxian city

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Heya My Nigerian Friends wassup? Since the day I joined this Hive community my most of the friends are Nigerians. Just imagine you are spending half of the day with your Nigerian friends. And I really love them. I really do, in case you doubt it😂. Neo sir gave us a special name `Pakgeria` Pakistan+ Nigeria friends Pakgeria. I am only tagging all my Nigerian Friends of the Neoxiancity. Guys city wants to know since your government is also going to ban cryptocurrency what would be your take on this matter? Don't worry we are now passengers of the same boat. Cryptocurrency is banned here as well but they can't stop us. My friends are really into cryptocurrency and they are really doing well. I wonder why the hell their government decided to do this. If some of them are earning well and they are trying to improve their living standards then what's wrong with it?


Well, I know this news is not going to stop them they will keep rocking as they already are. Still, we would love to know the opinion. I am tagging those who are really doing great when It comes to crypto trading.

Our first Nigerian crypto celebrity is @udezee. He is doing so well. He trades plenty of different coins. When I read his chat about stuff most of the time I don't understand due to lack of knowledge. So yep he has enough knowledge about crypto stuff.

Our second celebrity is @anikys3reasure. She is also in crypto and doing a lot of crypto-related projects. She is the teacher of neoxian city. She taught us how to trade in the city school.

Our third not so celebrity is @burlarj. he can only play splinterlands 😝and yes these days he is trying to follow other celebrities and getting into trading and he is actually doing great so he was worth mentioning😂

I have tagged the top 3 Nigerian leaders of the Neoxian city. Guys if you get some time then answer city question What would be your next step after hearing this crypto BAN new?

Enogouh ala bla :P XD see ya

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I love you, baby. Nigeria Government clearly is full of ignorant old people.
They know nothing, they surely cannot stop us.

They haven't concluded tho, they deleted the circular from their official website, so we will watch them and see the next update.

Heheh savage bee i liked your pov Noiv=ce and love you too

Funny enough a friend asked me today in church about this since she saw my status about it.

The simple truth is that our crooked government are just jealous of their own citizens making it with cryptocurrency because i see no reason why government cannot give or provide job opportunities to its citizens and now that those citizens has woken up to the reality of life and venture into blockchain and cryptocurrency, our government wants to stop it.

To hell with such governance! All i know is that they can't stop what has started and has already been.
I have nothing to say to them. When they are tired, they will all look for something good and do for the country.

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Yea i was surprised why they are going to ban when they can't provide enough jobs.

Don't mind our crooked country. We will still survive no matter what they try to do

lol, is this a compliment or an insult?

i am gonna kee you!

Meanwhile it is all a joke , they can't stop us, cryptocurrency is here to stay!

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it was an insult but you can take it as a compliment 😝

This question is soon going to ask for #india also 🤔😣, Goverment don't want people to earn without knowing them they will sure increase tax in crypto 🤔

lol we already know its banned in Pak And India so no question about it

No not really who told you that, there is no bill or rule passed yet not in India. If it has passed then how I am buying #hive and other cryptocurrency they are sure going to launch there own crypto currency for user and going to increase the taxes on them as well read this for more information

Thanks 🙏

The ban was just a fluke(more global awareness for crypto) and also a fud or distraction on the usd against the naira.

The initial circular has long been deleted from the cbn official website and Twitter page. They cause this kind of fud whenever they wanna borrow usd from international bodies so that the naira (devaluing daily) can gain some strength to deficit the loan budget.

However I am not moved by this news. It's just a sham to shake weak hands. If the USA and world central bank can't stop BTC is it Nigeria's central bank that will stop it? Lol.

There will always be more medium to bypass any crypto restrictions, therefore I am not bothered.

Thanks for putting me on the spotlight. 😊

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heheh well said nice thanks Ude

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Interested in hearing what they have to say.

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I think they just wanted to scare some people. We are in the world we don't need to solely depend on paper currencies. Crypto can not be banned. My country is sometimes fucking stupid and jealous.

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heheh same is everywhere

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They are really taking it serious here