Alone flower

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When I took these picture I clearly had this in my mind that I am going to post it on my blog. There is nothing special to post but still, I am posting them. There is a reason that I felt and wanted to share. Normally when I go out I don't pay attention but today when I went out for some reason I saw this flower blooming. But this red beautiful rose was standing alone in an inflorescence.


Planning out the front yard of your house is among the most essential elements. The back yard of your house can be decorated with any kind of flowers but the front yard is very important area. I've told plenty of times that there should be some perennial shrubs but no one listens to me. But I assume ultimately I am going to do this but my laziness won't let me do this. I just want to spend my weekend while sleeping or watching movies :P XD

You can see there is plenty of space for perennial shrubs.


That alone red flower😝 poor flower so lonely XD Also, my mama is planting some vegetables in large containers. I will be showing some pictures of those vegetables. Home vegetables sounds cool? yep, we have been planting so many vegetables and I never posted. Now i am so postless i need to post anything lol joke😂 see ya Happy Saturday

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Thank you

Agree sometimes we are sure out of topics or posts and don't have no what to post 😬🙏

The alone flower is a worrier 😀🙏

heheh correct