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Hello everyone,

A few days from now we are going to enter into a new decade 2021-2030. The ending of the decade 2011-2020 has been quite tragic due to Covid 19. Maybe that decade was destined this way. And we don't know what new decade is going to bring on our plate. A new decade New hopes. A decade in which many of us would be completing their studies, being settled, getting married, having kids etc.

Just imagine xawi getting married and posting her kids pics in a new decade.


Life will be facing more challenges and it will be tougher or easier only GOD knows. This ongoing decade is going to be an end of our childhood, silliness, stupidity and all the drama we do in our life. A new decade will make all of us more mature, more dedicated and sensible.

This decade was awesome with respect to some achievements I achieved. I completed my Hons degree, I started working in the fashion industry. I received my first offline. salary. I joined steem and met with a fantastic community neoxian city and amazing people of that city. I was severely misguided when I joined steem but later with the passage of time I realised people are real, emotions are real, no faking no dumping.
I learned my lesson no matter what this world is real either it is online or offline. The way you behave in your real-life and try being honest with everyone then practice the same online. Now the time has reached this point I spend most of the time online rather than with offline people.

Then splinterlands came into my life and life became robotic. Splinterlands gave me thrill excitement and most importantly the game where you can have fun and can earn money. I have seen many ups and downs in this decade and I hope the next decade would bring more happiness and success.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand yes I badly got failed in my first and probably last love emotions. Because love emotions hurt you too much and I am not sure if I would get involved again in this stuff.

Bye-bye, this decade And I welcome New decade with my whole heart. Please be kind to use thank you.

I would like to thanks everyone who made my life awesome and filled with happiness. Love you all stay blessed and safe.

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Hope the coming decade sees you happily married with a prince charming and kids and you teaching your kids to play splinterlands and visiting many countries and so on. Happy life to you, my dear girl.

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