2 Days left in the season and I am trying to rent Valnamor ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Heya splinter fella's

Today, during my break time when I played a few battles I just noticed only two days left in the season. It is like the season just started 3 days ago and today it is ending. Very short season and when you look at the leader board you get to know that very few people achieved the champion 1 league. I will take the honour I was the first player who achieved champion 1 tier. No bragging of course but yep it is a kind of achievement against the best players.
Many good players are struggling and again this season seems not so easy. My quest activation timing is during my office timings. I was busy activating my quests and I got a Fire quest on Ts-neoxian. It tempted me to play a few battles because the fire quest is my favourite quest. Yodin Zaku made things really easy for the fire deck so gone are those days when I used to change my fire quest.

I won 2 battles I didn't have much time still I hit the ranked button again and I got approximate as an opponent. I was like oh yea easy opponent and easy win. I went with my quest in 30 mana game. And approximate surprised me with Prince Renynn. If it weren't approximate, I would have used the life deck. I lost 36 points and that was really a pain ๐Ÿ˜‚. I played 3 more battles then times up and I had to quit playing. I always say this to myself never underestimate your opponent and I always forget this and always end up doing rubbish. Why I don't listen to myself?


Anyways it is what it is. My own account xawi is also struggling well I have my reason I haven't been so lucky with the rules and I seriously needed water legendary summoner Valnaomr. I have level 3 and I only need 2 more to max my valnamor up. Single BCX is trading at 31$, and I purchased it 8$/BCX since I am a cheapskate 31$/BCX is affecting me, and it is not allowing me to buy 2 BCX Valnamor. To overcome this issue I went to peak monster and decided to Rent this summoner.

And I have no idea how to rent a card from the peak monster. I deposited 3 sbd and still rent option is not available. You can see how expensive it is. Even its rent is pretty high. I deposited 5 more HBD and I still can't figure it out why the hell rent option is not clickable :Facepalm:


Can someone explain what is it? Uggh I am not renting let me be :/

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It is true, sometimes I am tired, I want to finish the quest at all costs and keep insisting on the wrong splint, this sometimes makes me lose several battles in a row and drop almost 200 points, that's silly.

About the rent I never rented, so I don't know, if I were you I would buy it soon, this summoner is too good not to have.

But with him you will become invincible, so I don't know... :D

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Lolz Maria๐Ÿ˜‚ yea when you are tired don't play because losing 200 points is not with it and then you will have to win straight 10 battles to cover those points. So it is better just leave it where it is and come back with full power. This is what I do. I just lost 72 points on ts and now i am sad :/

Yes it's weird.

very weird

Dont give up. Every figt

thank you i wont

I know you wont. ๐Ÿ‘