Splinterlands: The Vigilator; My New Crush

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Evening Folks

I am a man of ephemeral tastes. When it comes to splinterlands, it is not that much different. I may have a crush on a particular monsters for a few days or may be weeks and then I move on to the new one. Right or wrong(I don't know), it is the way it is.

My recent crush is a legendary dragon monster, THE VIGILATOR. Look at the stats, it has double attack(melee and ranged) with great speed and health. Plus the abilities like Double Strike, Thorns and Poison makes it a real killer. The chance of Poison applications gets maximized due to Double Strike. Also Thorns can be a real threat to the attacking enemy. It can be used upfront as a tank or even be used in the last as a sneak protector.

The Vigilator.png

I currently own only 2 BCX Vigilator but I am surely gonna upgrade it. It is pretty cheap considering its utility. The normal foil is going at just 0.87$/BCX and gold foil is selling at only 36$/BCX.


Daily Report:

Here is a summery of my daily splinterlands proceeding:

  • Currently standing in Champion-III league at 3,961 position.

  • Completed my daily quest with death splinter.

  • Daily loot rewards were ordinary.

07 sep loot.png


Guild Status:

  • I am a proud member of Neoxian guild.

  • Our Neoxian Guild is maxed and we stand at 4th rank.

  • We are getting 15% dec guild bonus for every win and 08% shop discount and are just 18 scroll shy of maxed quest lodge.



That will be all for now!!!

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