Splinterlands: Season End is Nearing...Still Standing in Champion-II League😏😏😏

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Greeting Splinterlands Lovers

With just 1 day and 10 hrs remaining in the season end, I am still roaming in the Champion-II league. This was a poor performance by me so far, when compared with last seasons. I should have made to Champion-I league so far. I had a busy last weak loaded with family commitments and couldn't commit to and play Splinterlands as I should have.

I am planning to cover my lost ground tomorrow before the season end. Advancing to Champion-I league may prove a bit difficult on the last season days as more and more ambitious people will be getting ready for the final sprint. Lets hope for the best.


Daily Report:

Here is a summery of my daily splinterlands proceeding:

  • Currently standing in Champion-II league at 4,511 position.

  • Completed my daily quest with death splinter.

  • Daily loot chests were full of commons.

14 sep loot.png


Guild Status:

  • I am a proud member of Neoxian guild.

  • Our Neoxian Guild is maxed and we stand at 3rd rank.

  • We are getting 20% dec guild bonus for every win and 10% shop discount as our quest lodge is maxed .



That will be all for now!!!

Good Luck for the Season End🤞🤞🤞

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