Splinterlands: Pulled My First Legendary Ancient Lich

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Greeting Splinterlands Lovers

So we are into thired day into the new season, and I am still stuck in Diamond-I league. Ever since the implementation of Collection Power system, things have been quite hard; actually too competitive to be exact.

Although I am stuck in lower league but it feels good because of some really decent DEC rewards and daily loot rewards. I can make about 100 DEC per battle in Diamond-I league with a decent win streak on my back. So no more complaining.

Loot rewards ever since the season started are awesome. I pulled like four untamed packs in last four days. That is pretty nice considering the shitty loot rewards from the earlier season. Today is my best day in ages as far loot chests are concerned. I pulled a legendary, an untamed pack and an epic. The only thing missing is gold foils. XD

12 sep loot.png

I finally pulled my very first legendary, Ancient Lich. The best thing about Lich is, it is the only death monster with Resurect ability. Lets hope I will pull more in future to max it out.


That will be all for now!!!

Stay Blessed🤞🤞🤞

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