Splinterlands: My Favorite Legendary; CORNEALUS

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Evening Splinterlands Addicts

Today I am gonna talk about one of my favorite legendary monster, CORNEALUS. CORNEALUS is a neutral untamed monster with decent ranged attack and extraordinary health. Costing 10 mana, it is loaded with awesome abilities like Healing, Thorns, Return Fire and Magic reflect, giving him a perfect balance of attack and defense.

I own a level-2 CORNEALUS but planning on maxing it as soon as I get a better offer. I would love to use maxed CORNEALUS with ZAKU.

Currently there are 1,260 normal foil CORNEALUS in circulation, with lowest market rate of 2.22$/BCX. Gold Foils are way more expensive, selling at 48$/BCX, with just 71 in circulation.




Placement of CORNEALUS is dictated by the battle rules. It can be placed in the very last to serve a sneak defender due to the Thorns and Healing ability. In Close Range battle it can be placed a tank or a back up tank. Thorns, Healing, Magic Reflect and Return Fire abilities makes this guy a dangerous tank.


Favored Battle Rules and Mana Cap

CORNEALUS is a nice all round monster, but is best suited for Close Range battle rule, where it can also be used upfront as a tank.

CORNEALUS costs a heavy mana of 10, so it is best suited for high mana battles like, 35+. Although it can also be used shrewdly in low mana battles if rules are favorable.


Complementing CORNEALUS

CORNEALUS can be decently complemented in variety of ways using various summoners and monsters with abilities. Being a neutral monsters, have its perks, doesn't it?

Abilities From Summoners

Different kind of summoners can grant CORNEALUS variety of perks. But the best ones that I like are, YODIN ZAKU giving +1 ranged attack along with blast, Void ability from MIMOSA, +1 ranged attack from PRINCE RENNYN and SELENIA SKY. Other nice summoners for CORNEALUS are THE PEAKRIDER, LIR DEEPSWIMMER, and LORNA SHINE.

Abilities From Monsters

Giving CORNEALUS extra shield from Protect ability monsters like CRUSTACEAN KING, TOWER GRIFFIN or TRUTHSPEAKER etc. can add an extra layer of defense.

Using Cleanse ability to remove any negative buffs like Affliction, Poison, Halving and Headwinds etc. from CORNEALUS is a nice idea.

Although CORNEALUS has its own healing powers but extra healing from third party healers is always welcome.

Speed related abilities like Slow, Swiftness and Blind can also help CORNEALUS a lot.



Let's be honest, killing CORNEALUS can be a real problem, especially if it is maxed. The first thing you might wanna do is take away the healing ability of CORNEALUS. Poison application is also a nice ploy. And using heavy attack monsters ensures CORNEALUS gets killed quickly before it can self heal and inflict more damage using Thorns, Return Fire and Magic Reflect.



This 48 mana battle with close Range battle rule is perfect for using CORNEALUS. I used CORNEALUS as a one down tank. Notice how CORNEALUS survived all the ranged attack due to its heavy health and Healing.

Battle Link


Do you like using CORNEALUS???
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Cornealus is one of my favorite cards from the Untamed edition.



Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

Nice review. Cornealus is my favourite legendary untamed edition too. I prsonally like its return fire ability

Wow nice explanation for why you love Corn eye so much! I like it too but seems you like it much more than me lol.

@tipu curate

Lolzzz...I love it and just wish it costs a bit lower. May be 8 mana.

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