Splinterlands: Affliction Ability Review

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Evening Splinterlands Addicts

Today I am gonna talk about one of my favorite ability in splinterlands, Affliction. Affliction buff once applied to a monster, takes away it's ability to heal.

Dealing with self healing tanks or tanks backed by tank heal monsters can a serious headache. Imagine facing maxed Gelatinous Cube backed by Tank Heal monster like Spirit of the Forest. Good luck killing it with brute force only. This is where affliction comes into play, you first need to take away the healing ability and then concentrate on the attack.

The only way around Affliction ability is by using Cleanse ability monster, as Cleanse ability not only cures Affliction but also removes all other negative buffs applied by the enemy.


Now I am gonna review all Affliction Characters one by one. There are total eleven monsters and summoner in splinterlands with Affliction ability. Death splinter is laced with affliction monsters, whereas life splinter has none. Elven Mystic is the only neutral monster with Affliction ability, so it is best to have a maxed Elven Mystic to use it any where even in life splinter teams.

1. Mimosa Nightshade

When it comes to Affliction Mimosa has no equal. She is a legendary summoner that grants affliction buff to all enemy team members right from the start of game. But heavy mana cost limits Mimosa usage to high mana battles only.

Whenever I see enemy relying heavily on healing, my first weapon of choice is always Mimosa(if mama allows it).


2. Elven Mystic

Elven Mystic is the only neutral splinter monster that applies Affliction buff. His true utility lies in its being a neutral monster. Plus it costs just 4 mana. But it only gets Affliction buff when maxed, so you need to spend a bit of money before you can enjoy maxed Elven Mystic with Affliction.


3. Serpentine Mystic

Serpentine Mystic is a rare dragon monster. The best thing about Serpentine Mystic is that it has Affliction ability right from level-1 and also it costs just 3 mana.


4. Undead Archer

Undead Archer is a ranged promo edition rare death monster. It costs just 2 mana and have Affliction ability right from the beginning. The only concern is its low inherent speed, which makes hitting enemy and applying Affliction a bit difficult. But it works perfectly in Reverse Speed rule set.



GRIM REAPER is also a death splinter monster with Affliction ability. It is capable of applying Affliction buff right from level-1 but has low speed and is quite weak.


6. Darkest Mage

Darkest Mage is yet another death splinter monster with Affliction ability. It gets Affliction ability at level-3. It is also low on health and speed, so can easily be killed.


7. Goblin Chef

Goblin Chef is a promo edition common monster belonging to earth splinter. It costs just 3 mana and gets Affliction ability at level-4. It has decent health but low speed.



SPORCERER is an untamed edition, rare earth monster. It get ability to apply Affliction at max level. So a bit costly option if you ask me.


9. Magma Troll

Magma Troll is a fire splinter, common untamed monster. It gets Affliction at level-5. It is the only melee attack monster with Affliction ability. It also has decent speed, increasing it's chances of hitting the enemy and applying Affliction.


10. Fire Elemental

Fire Elemental is another untamed edition, rare fire monster. It gets Affliction at level-5. The best thing is it has high speed, helping him to apply Affliction. But being low on health also makes him vulnerable.


11. Lord of Fire

Lord of Fire is a promo edition, legendary fire monster. It gets Affliction at level-3. It costs 4 mana and have decent health but like many Affliction monsters have very low speed.


12. Captain's Ghost

CAPTAIN'S GHOST is the only water splinter monster with Affliction buff. This guys has affliction buff right from the start but cost a hefty mana price of 7.



My Favorite

Favoritism apart the choice of Affliction monster depends upon the splinter. But still Mimosa, Captain's Ghost and Elven Mystic are my favorite Affliction characters.


Demo Battles

1. Applying Affliction

In this close battle, Affliction played a critical part and ensured my victory. Without Affliction I stood no chance of winning.

Battle Link

2. Evading Affliction

This borrowed battle is a perfect example of using Cleanse to effectively evade Affliction. Watch how many times Affliction was applied and successfully Cleansed.

Battle Link


That will be all for now!!!

Do you prefer using Affliction too???

Tell me...

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Nice review for Affliction. Mimosa is clearly leading the pack by giving it to all monsters.



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Lovely review of the affliction ability xabi! Hopefully new players will read your article and learn how to use that ability to counter the ever annoying heal! Keep up the good work!




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