First ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Airdrop Character Revealed

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Greeting Splinterlands Lovers

So ΛZMΛRÉ Dices have been a hit with around 44,000 sold so far in first two weeks of launch. First ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Airdrop Card was relieved yesterday and will be airdropped on reaching 50K Dices sale landmark (For every 50K Dices sold a character will be airdropped).

The first airdropped character will be legendary life monster, called Lensmaster. Lensmaster cost just one mana and have two amazing abilities, Blind and Shatter. The Blind ability makes the enemy virtually blind and reduces the chances of melee and ranged attacks hitting. Whereas Shatter ability can completely destroy even the heaviest of the shields.


For every ΛZMΛRÉ Dice purchased the chances of receiving the Airdropped character increase by 0.666% so for roughly 150 Dices there is 100% chance. Also if you purchase 150 ΛZMΛRÉ Dices you are guaranteed to receive at least one Lensmaster. The chances of receiving a gold foil is like always 2% (one in fifty).


Daily Report:

Here is a summery of my daily splinterlands proceeding:

  • Currently standing in Champion-II league at 4,341 position.

  • Completed my daily quest with death splinter.

  • Daily loot chests were full of commons.

11 sep loot.png


Guild Status:

  • I am a proud member of Neoxian guild.

  • Our Neoxian Guild is maxed and we stand at 3rd rank.

  • We are getting 20% dec guild bonus for every win and 10% shop discount as our quest lodge is maxed .



That will be all for now!!!

Good Luck With Airdrop🤞🤞🤞

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