Break Fast Challenge - Day 16

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It's the holy month of Ramadhan and many people around the world fast during this month. The month of Ramdhan will last for 29 or 30 days. I thought this will be a great opportunity to make this a contest and ask everyone to share what they ate at the time of "iftaar" - a time of breaking a fast.

If you don't fast, you can still participate in the challenge by sharing at least 3 pictures of your breakfast. Easy? Isn't it, just remove the space between "break and fast". Use #breakfast as one of your main tags to get an entry into the contest. It can be anything, a cup of tea/coffee or whatever you eat.
Here is what I had today when I broke my fast:

Chicken Noodles

We had these noodles just a few days back but Yousuf Bhai decided to make them today as well just because all of us loved them. This time, the taste was no different and everyone ate to their full capacity.


Again, I have no freakin idea how this is made but it tasted great. Seems like all I am doing is tasting dishes while making none. It was filled inside with something and we ate it with chutney. I am really sure if this is the name of the snack but this is what I heard someone saying.

Anda Samosa

I had heard of aloo samosa and chicken samosa and ate them as well but this anda samosa was something new to me. I wouldn't say it tasted better than the regular aloo samosa but it was nice to eat something new. Basically, the samosa is filled with potato but here it was filled with boiled egss.

Again, anyone can participate in the contest whether you are fasting or not.
@peerzadazeeshan has already participated in this contest.

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