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RE: Kron the Undying My favourite Untamed Legendary of the week

So... regarding the lore for the Splinterlands. My husband (@chrisroberts) and I, along with a handful of other Steemians just made it up. 🤣 Specifically, Kron the Undying was created by Chris. The story is awesome. He was originally just a part of the backlore that has gone into the Encyclopedia of the Splinterlands (still waiting it's final formatting checks before being sent to the Kickstarter backers!), but... we liked him so much (and he's so badass) we made him a card too.

And yes, that single monster in a battle is INTENSE.

And he and The Spirit of the Forest are just two undying folks who've been friends since the beginning of time (or so it feels). It's like they understand each other. I imagine it's hard being immortal sometimes.😉


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