"Splinterlands Art Contest Week 111" - Drawing/illustration of "Yodin Zaku"

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Hi there Lovely People of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having great day

I am come up with my drawing/illustration of "Yodin Zaku" for weekly Monster Art Contest by @splinterlands.

Here I want to say that, I commented to share my hand drawing but I have invited to other drawing contest by @Sayee, where we have to draw a group of characters with Yodin Zaku. So I draw this and will join him with other already created Monster characters in my next blog.
And we know that here for Splinterlands Art contest we don't allow to participate with old drawings. So here is my newly created "Yodin Zaku" for Splinterlands Art Contest.

My Entry for 111th Week


Original Image on Splinterlands

Image Source


Software I used :

Adobe Illustrator CS6


Steps :

I just try to make a Yodin Zaku folded arms for a POSE :)
Below you can check step-wise images of my working for that











Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Nice work man. I love Yodin Zaku. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for appreciation :)
and curating my drawing/illustration...

This really looks great, I had an interest in drawing before now but I didn't get to understand how to make use of the tools. I love it

Thank you for appreciation.
That's good to know, you have to restart your drawings. You can find lots of tutorials on the net, easy to find.
Or when working on Photoshop/Illustrator take a good hand on PEN/Pencil Tools...
I also don't know about all the tools on the software :D but we can easily create drawing if we have good hands on Pen/Pencil Tools...

Thanks, I will look into it. If I can pick up from scratch

Good Luck!

Thank you