"Splinterlands Art Contest Week 110" - Hand drawing of "Pyre"

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having great day

I am sharing my hand drawing that I coloured using Photoshop, for the weekly MONSTER ART CONTEST by @splinterlands. Any artist can participate in this weekly Contest by their Monster Art, check the Original Contest Post Here

I choose to draw "Pyre" this time. It is Fire summoner and it will give +1 Speed to all Monster.

My Entry for 110th Week


Real Image on Splinterlands

Image Source


I draw a Monster Summoner "Pyre", start with pencil and darken it with Pen, Coloured it on Photoshop. Below you can check step-wise images of my working...

Start with a face of "Pyre"


Complete the face by making eyes, nose etc

Create half body of the character

Here what I finished with Pencil

I use Black pointer on pencil

Erase all pencil from the paper

I put the above image to photoshop and start colouring but that gave me not good result as the pen was not so dark so I re-use the pointer on outlines and took the below image on photoshop

After that I remove the white paper Background and set Green Background.
You can see the first image of the Post as my Final Piece.

Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Me gustó ver como lo plasmaste, está muy bien hecho.

Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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My pleasure :)

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