My Entry for The Gaugan IA Contest - Week 58

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Hi there lovely and creative people of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having fun day

I am sharing my entry for GAUGAN IA weekly contest by @steemean. You can also join us on the competition, visit the Original Contest Post to know more about the contest.

As we Gaugan Players have new plate with some new things to add on our gaugan painting. I tried to create a scene with mountain area behind the water and greenery at other side with house. And I put boats on the water :) HEHE.

My Entry for 58th week


On Gaugan ArtBoard



I gathered couple of Gaugan results of my drawing and make a GIF of it


Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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I always say i will join but i never do hahahhahaa, maybe one day i will. Good luck in this one!

Hehe, Thank you
And hope to see you in the contest one day :D

Well, that is a very beautiful drawing.

Thank you, You can also try for it.
And your Dad will help you in that...

Uau, I can't believe.
First , beautiful landscape. Masterpiece
Great boats. :-) the front one is crazy with the person seating. hehe
Lots of work. :-(
We are explorers of the Gaugan.
We have a new Gallery : Beyond Gaugan.
Thank you

👫 🐎 ⛵️ 🚙 😊

Thanks to you, for this awesome contest.
And again thanks for your kind words on my working

:D Have a great day!

A spectacular landscape, @shrazy. You achieve a wide perspective effect on the canvas. The horse in the foreground is very cool.

Thanks for appreciation :)
have a nice day!