My Entry for The Gaugan IA Contest - Week 57

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Hi there lovely people of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having great day

I am sharing my Entry for #gaugan IA weekly contest by @steemean.
You can also participate with your gaugan result on the contest, Visit the Original Contest Post here to check the prizes.

This time again, I tried to paint a scenery with horses and sheep drinking water at the beautiful forest

My Entry for 57th week


On Gaugan ArtBoard

gaugan_input 2.png


As from last two, three contest I am trying to work on the given tutorials from @steemean (A little BOSS) HEHE.
So I start with taking Horse, Sheep and People brush on clear sky board.

Then I draw horses and sheep and skip people this time
gaugan_input 1.png

after that I remove the brush stroke from the sky and draw mountains, clouds and change the river to sea water...
As you can see the first and second images of the post as my final piece.


Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Which brushes are you using for the horses, sheep and people? (colors don't tell me where to look.)

These brushes are not on gaugan. I took (pick) from given examples from @steemean. And start from there
May be Steemean will answer you well :D

I hope he answers as well then because now I'm really confused. I thought this was all about Gaugan... I don't know how you can grab brushes that aren't on Gaugan...

I upload the segment image from steemean examples on his blogs.
And took the brush colour and start my gaugan with it...
If you read my post I may be shared that on steps or somewhere...

Okay - yeah, I saw the palette thing - which is an excellent idea - one that I'll take for sure. I will try this.

Funtastic post about Nvidia Gaugan.
Using Pro Master Tool. hehe
Very good painting. :-)
Great animal farm.
Now we know 6 new colors for Gaugan.
Light grey for big building
Dark blue for boats
dark green for horses
blue for people
light blue for sheep
and the blue for cars.
I'm making a pallet for Gaugan using your great idea.
And I'm trying to find more colors for different things.
Thanks my friend

Thank you very much for love comment :)
Yes the pallet will really help the us to be more creative with new objects :D
Have a good day

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