My Entry for The Gaugan IA Contest - Week 56

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Hi there Lovely People and Creative people of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine :)

I am come up with my entry for weekly GAUGAN IA contest by @steemean.
Thanks to him that he gives us different ideas to work on. And I tried to draw a sheep with kids on board to get this Gaugan Result.

My Entry for 56th Week


On Gaugan ArtBoard

gaugan_input 1.png


I took human and sheep color on top and remove all colours then start my drawing on board and first I draw this and then remove the sheep and draw with other style because I don't want a single sheep gaugan. :D



At the end I really invite you all to join this fun art contest, you don't need to donwload anything just go to nvidia gaugan web page and start playing there, and you can check tutorials to learn from and share your artboard+gaugan result to participate on the contest.
Visit the original Contest Post and submit your Gaugan Post.


Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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hehe. people and sheep
Great work for the Gaugan Gallery.

The shapes to get the right sheep, horse, person, boat are the problem.
Very difficult. :(
A person goes better without arms, no neck, and small head .
With legs we get trousers and without legs we get a woman dress.

Great idea to put the colors we need in the sky and erase in the end. :-)+
Another Gaugan Pro Trick @shrazi.
Thanks a lot my friend.:-)

Wow, thanks for your appreciation.
and Thanks to you, you give me that ideas
I can only do it when I get the gaugan colour for specific things like (horse, sheep, people etc)
If You didn't share those example, I can't even think of any thing :)

Hope I will come up with more clear painting next time.

The Gaugan club is great because all I learn comes from seeing what you guys do. :-)
But I'm very curious like you. hehe
I like to find new things.
And I'm always looking to your animations and I'm getting better. :-)
Thanks my friend. :-)