My Entry for "CreateThatLook" contest | Week 23 - Static Round

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Hi there Lovely People of Hive World,
Hope You all are fine and having a great day :).

I am come up with my entry for totally fun and entertaining weekly contest #createthatlook by @bliss11 and @drakernoise, where we have to share real photo + the photo with filters and effects on it and you can check all the rules on the main contest post by clicking Here

First Congratulations to last round winners :D
@buttonn, @nelinoeva, @mballesteros
You all are awesome :) GOOD LUCK for the next round as well :).
Now check mine for the week

My Entry for 23rd Week


Original Photo


Original Photo Taken By :

ME with Infinix Hot 8

Model :


App Used for filters/effects :

Artista GooglePlay
PhotoMania GooglePlay


As I always try to come up with artistic type results :P hehe of my level :D, so this time I combine two effects results
1 - My model with artistic look
2 - Background with rainbow colours and retro shades
here are the three results from my apps




It is always been a fun time when I capturing his Photos for the contest. It is not easy to click the perfect image because my son don't wanna stay calm for a second eheh.
But this time He gives me some lovely shots :D





Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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We have a new rock star in the Hive! That's a cute photo edit that could perfectly be a disc cover art, good job @shrazi!
Sending my best wishes to you for this new week, keep on developing that creativity talent.
Thanks so much for your love to our contest 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you for always appreciates me
and it really encourage me to do more hehe
Have a nice day!

Very cute and pretty cool I must say...your edits are lovely and your son makes it more beautiful. Thanks for participating my friend. 🤗

Thanks to you for arranging this contest ;)