Combined my Splinterlands Monsters Drawing to make a Pose "WINNING SHOT"

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Hi there lovely and creative people of Hive World,
Hope You all are fine and having a great day

I combined my drawings of Splinterlands monster Characters to make a pose for the contest by our @Sayee Didi. You can visit the main contest post by Clicking Here

Here you can see the winning pose of the Team

Winning Pose


GIF Image



These are my Own Drawings, Yodin Zaku and Pixies were created on Photoshop Illustrator and Pyre, Shaman and Ogre were my Hand drawings.
If you wish to check my working steps, I am sharing blog links below for you.

Yodin Zaku

Post Link


Post Link

Pit Ogre

Post Link

Spark Pixies

Post Link

Goblin Shaman

Post Link

I drew that Zaku for this contest but here we have to made a group pose, so yesterday I publish that Zaku for Splinterlands Art Contest and now sharing that pose with my other character drawings for Contest.


These Monsters are from SplinterLands and Splinterlands is block-chain based collectible card games where player can earn crypto by winning battles and daily quests etc.
User can also trade their monster cards on the market.
If you think to join the game, click My Ref Link and signup. You can also Visit FAQ to know more how it works...


Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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It is really looking awesome. Great work. I think you must tokenize it too.

Thank you very much, and thanks for the Idea I didn't think of that :D but now I will tokenize it.

Nice work!

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