#167 Sneaker drop 11/27/2020 ~ Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 "Onyx Reflective" HO2536

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Good morning Hive fam, here we go with another Yeezy, These come today and will be the Reflective version, could be small gain or big gain but a good $50 dollar gain never hurt nobody if needed a flip but possibly more. Even though I'm excited about my hike and travel posts, I still will be doing my sneaker posts. I know one day we will have some sneakerheads here and others that want to make money, so I'll continue to do what I do best. Looks like on StockX the last sell was $325 and that's down 2% from previous sell but that's OK. I see some low asks at $345 and some high bids at $320 but I do see some sizes above $400. These are definitely worth your time and will be a good flip. Spend $230 plus tax and flip for $50+ to maybe even $150 yeah I like those gains without a doubt. So get ready because they come out today at a random time on Adidas website. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up in Discord or in the comment section. Anyways stay tuned, stay alert for any updates and thank you for stopping by my blog and post today. Have a great Friday, be great. God Bless....

I also have change my mind and will not be doing a token to get in on the action on some sneaker gains, I do have a discord if you want to join in on the discussion on what we are working on.

Here is the discord link if interested https://discord.gg/Jep4ZX

Please let me know if you have any success, this is not financial advice

Any questions just hit me up in the comment section or DM me on the discord.....
Good luck, God Bless

Cost: $230 plus tax/Shipping each

Potential Profits: $50+

Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 "Onyx Reflective"
Release Date: Friday 11/27/2020
Retail Price: $230
Style Code: NO2536
Colorway: Onyx/Onyx-Onyx


These Pictures are not my own but Reebok or Nike or Adidas Stock photo's or StockX Screenshot's



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