Tips for new Splinterlands players

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How do I defeat the bots?
How do I ensure a win
Not a step back by thirty points
Not the reverse track

Goblin Thief.png

Make sure you have a sneak up your sleeve
Who is in between the third and the fifth
Which may be the magic or a snipe
Not monsters that are thrown together left and right

Never use a summoner always
For it will give the enemy a foresight
Be wary of those healers and armored up beasts
They can make sure you miss a win


Give yourself a break now and then
Look around your den
Eat a bit, smile a lot
Play Splinterlands again

Make sure you level up your common and rare cards.
Be careful to use the snipers and magic too.
Sneak monsters are reliable. So, there.
You can rent for cheap on peak monsters and buy with instant cash back from monster market.

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Posted via | The City of Neoxian

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Nice Poem!

Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Nice tips Sayee, along with the rhyming!