The magic of ONAM

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There was once a time
when villagers were making merry this time
the bananas were sliced
to make golden chips to be munched upon all the time
the flowers were picked
and decorated very nice
floral designs that would make you say 'wow' in delight
the shops would be busy
the people would save to buy
be it gadgets or clothes or even vehicles too
the schools would close for the Onam celebrations
and children would have fun swinging from trees
the rains would stop
the crops would be harvested
and the smell of divine food would make all the people smile
'Melas' and exhibitions where wares would be sold
people dressed in new clothes
Onam - the celebration of the Kerala people as a whole
religion doesn't matter here
nor do tastes
people are not segregated
indeed, they live together
there is no 'you' and 'me'
only the 'me in me'
happiness and fun

(People dress up as tigers and enter the city - this is basically a roadshow where the onlookers are treated to a visual feast. There are hunters too, dressed up and they shoot or try to shoot the tiger. A fun way to remember the past days )

These memories make me cry
the roads are deserted
the shops closed
people are indoors
and fun and happiness
a memory unknown
when will those days be back
will we experience freedom again
what had happened to create this havoc
I wish it never occurred again
Pray for the health of all
be safe and healthy
time to think hard about
growing your own food again
Man is a hunter-gatherer
he is not brought up to order food and eat
go organic
and make sure you are marked safe

The onam feast

We are now 'celebrating the festival of Onam this week and the next' and it is very unusual to be not happy and that is what made me write these lines. You should see it to experience the fun but I am not sure how it is all going to be possible again.

Happy Thiruonam in advance and Onam reminds us to go organic and start planting our own vegetables. After all. Onam is a harvest festival.


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