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in The City of Neoxian2 months ago

Weighed down by ourselves
our own thoughts
and the feeling of helplessness
minus the 'happy feeling'
and the 'world' we carry on our back
Problems have always been there
we can never remove it or reduce or tear
one behind the other
when a 'bigger one' arrives
the old one seems to be fair
what can be done to remove the misery
just be calm and walk as if you are free
worries cannot solve your problems
it can only add the burden
smile, even if artificially
and you might find a reason to smile more genuinely

When you see a person who looks happy and carefree
you do not get to see the inside soul
he that makes you laugh maybe the saddest
but learn from him to go on without any sign of unhappiness
Try to laugh and be happy
the darkness will disappear mysteriously
Will you prefer a room scented with perfume
or a room filled with rotten waste
Make your heart a room full of happiness and colors
and soon you too shall be 'free'



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