The Weekly Spectacle

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Welcome the the Weekly spectacle

We get down and dirty with the inhabitants of the great Neoxian City and investigate their daily deeds. Here you'll read juicy up-to-date gossip as our ground reporters rush to the drama as it unfolds, where ever it may be. And when there's a city with @burlarj and @xawi in it, there's sure to be lots and lots and lots of it!!

Mr Dragon is also a dark horse!

Figuratively speaking of course! Mr D has been sneaking around behind without the knowing of our merry city-folk and having his wicked way with a mysterious stranger to Neoxian City. Our very own dark horse-Dragon has been seen cavorting with a mysterious Diamond Dragon. We aren't sure if this Diamond Dragon is actually a pen name for someone in the city or if she is real life Diamond Dragon. We asked @neoxian for comment.

Well, uh, err, how did you find ou.. I mean no, absolutely not. I'm a wise and ancient Dragon and certainly don't have time for dilly dallying with silly stupid female Dragons. I am Neoxian, ruler of all.

Mr Dragon was strangely sheepish and shifty. More questioning to come!

@burlarj and @mangojuice continue to wrestle each other over the giveaway clicking world championship

Burl and Mango have been rapid firing the giveaway entry button in an attempt to see who can enter the most giveaways without reading the terms. It seems this record is broken daily and city-users have been advised to not give away anything until those two have had some burl-cola or something and chilled the hell out. One of our reporters managed to catch burl in a moment when he wasn't knee deep in splinterlands for comment.

Well, you know, can't let Mango have all the glory. I'll click it forever if I have to. No. I'm not calming down

The current record holder is Burlarj who obliterated @xawi's record last week. Mango is hot on Burls heels.

@shoemanchu makes Dragon again

After storming off in a child-like cream puff, @shoemanchu pulled up his big boy pants and left the screaming, crying and his dummy at the door. Shoe came back to the City in Dragonesque flair as he gave away half of his belongings to attain Dragonship. You can now find him busking on street corners for rare splinterlands cards!

@axeman accidentally gives away something

In a horrifyingly ghastly display of philanthropy, @axeman accidentally gave away something in a giveaway the other week. We missed it, but when we looked back it was such a monstrous mistake that we just had to report on it. We visited axe in the city psychiatric hospital as he was recovering from the horrendously traumatic experience.

I didn't mean it. I really didn't. I don't know why I did it. Omg omg omg, why, why why why

Axeman continued to pound his head against the wall before nurses came in and sedated him, obviously traumatized by the experience. Get well soon Axeman! The city sends it's love.

@simplymike to grace us with her presence in the near future

In a move that shocked most, simplymike has sent a letter to the city square stating that she'll be around sometime next year to see us, but only in the event that something exciting isn't happening in splinterlands. We tried to get hold of her last year but the long walk from her splinterlands throne to the city square two doors down was too much. She tried the year before but the anxiety of removing herself from the game was far too heavy a weight to bear. But we believe in you simplymike! You can do it this time!

@mangojuice declares his long lasting love for @xawi

In a move that shocked everyone, Mango declared that he always will have, and always will be, xawi's long lost love. After being made aware, Xawi raised her shields like Lord Arianthus in a tight battle. An impenetrable barrier which repelled Mango at force 9 warp speed. Sadly, Mango now lives with all of xawi's other rejections such as Jon Snow, on the sideline in the gutter to forever pine over her.

Xawi's shields can only be broken down by her everything, who she hasn't named yet, and we don't even know if they exist...


That's it for now it's been fairly quiet on the storm front. Please send in your stories to @Raymondspeaks if you have any :)

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😂 Another good one, Ray! You always make me lol.
It's funny, the best way for me to get into the weekly spectacle is to stay away from the city 🤣
Well, 'stay away' is not the right wording, since I'm always around. I read every single word all of you guys are saying writing. 😁

but the long walk from her splinterlands throne to the city square two doors down was too much.

Maybe some carriers would be nice 😉

You're right. I do need to think up something new for you. But it's hard to sometimes when I have zero new material because you don't chat a huge amount :) - but that's cool. I'll think of something :)

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

I deny all allegations, deny deny deny.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

Denial Rejected! :P

Uh huh ;)

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

As expected, Ray has delivered! Excellent stuff! I just woke up and read this, put a smile on my face!

Good good! :)

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

I am loving the weekly spectacle, and that it certainly is. Have a !BEER my man.

Mr Ray, seriously you are the green snake under the green grass, you see everything happens in the city,😀😀💯🙏💓❣️. This is a great spectacle...

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

Hey @raymondspeaks, here is a little bit of BEER from @justinparke for you. Enjoy it!

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