The Weekly Spectacle

Welcome the the Weekly spectacle

We get down and dirty with the inhabitants of the great Neoxian City and investigate their daily deeds. Here you'll read juicy up-to-date gossip as our ground reporters rush to the drama as it unfolds, where ever it may be. And when there's a city with @burlarj and @xawi in it, there's sure to be lots and lots and lots of it!!

@shoemanchu designates himself as the man that noweth everything

Resident @shoemanchu graced us with his presence a couple of days ago as he descended from his thrown of wisdom to impart his boundless knowledge upon us. It took no time at all for him to thrust himself into a debate about intelligence and how that those chatting were all but a tiny speck of knowledge in comparison to his abundant universe-sized arsenal of deeply curated information over thousands of years. We should stop before we embarrassed ourselves. In a quote, shoe tells us this:

You know, there was once a time when I through I was wrong, but it turns out I made a mistake, and I was actually right. That was many years ago, though. I'm always right these days.

Citizen Burlarj cracks open the violin as he sings us a sonnet from a long time ago when he was once cheated upon

Our very own @burlarj has found himself the victim of a horrible misdeed from a most evil woman who was cast asunder, never to touch the burl-pee-pee ever again. We heard in the city as Burl shared with us a long story of trial and error, and victim-hood and terror. We all watched in horror as we were taken through a star-wars like saga of love and betrayal, integrity and honour, and were now left seeing burl in an absolutely new light.

We hope now that after pretending to be interested he will now shut the fuck up and get back to earning!

@xawi eerily blameless this week.

It's been a quiet week. Even more so that it's been all quiet on the xawi front. No dumbness, no pressing giveaway buttons like a withdrawing addict with Parkinsons, no sexual misconduct, no flirting with random people, no starting wars with burl (or mango). We should make a statue of this week in honour of xawi, that never once this week has she been the centre of attention. Well done xawi for being well behaved. Sadly, this doesn't fair well for The Spectacle. If xawi keeps being good then our writing team may find themselves out of work with no news to report.

@axeman leaves power vacuum in his wake

Sadly this week citizen axeman found himself at the wrong end of the ban-hammer. This has left a significant power vacuum in his absence. Citizens have been left rioting and pillaging in the city square. @reazuliqbal has no-one left to defend against, most of the city paper people are in disarray, even Mr Dragon shed a little tear for his loss.

We would like to spend a moment to remember axeman, one of our most active, talkative, and busy members of neoxian city

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lolz, burl story published

LOL i did nothing still my part is the funniest Ray you just killed me again 😂

Good, that's what I like to hear :)

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Funny as always but axe part got me sad 😔

Personally, I liked axeman. So I'm sad to see him go too.

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Nice for this spectacle update, I hope they can find a way to forgive and forget about our main man axeman......

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