Things are getting worse...

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Yes of course it is about the corona virus, what else?

According to the politicians, the situation is under control and we are still in the tail of the first wave with only a few local outbreaks.
According to the virologists, we are in the second wave and the outbreaks are already spread all over the country ...

This obliges me to make a diptych of my selfie ... You already knew the left one, the right one is ... well, suppose the virologists are right ... you better be prepared 😉

Hopefully I don't need a triptych soon ...

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There is only one wave...It was contained by staying at home and distancing .. Now people are out and spreading it... Herd immunity is fastest way of getting rid of it...just like any virus...Some Scientists and media are keeping the fear going to stop TRUMP.

You really think Belgian/European scientists are impressed by Trump?
You're giving that clown way too much importance 😂

And BTW, my wife is a nurse, my sister in law is a nurse... I really think they know what they're talking about when they say the second wave is here... At least, in Belgium.
I suppose the first wave never ended in the US...

Keep dreaming ...

What a short answer for a conspiracyist ... I expected more. Now I am really disappointed 😛

I'm not impressed with your short sightedness.. after all you are a product of the information you take in...

Soon the animals will be wearing masks ...

I'm tying to convince my dog right now 😉

Thank you ! :-)

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Many places are seeing a resurgence. The pandemic is far from over. Politicians who say that it is under control, just remember, they are politicians. They can tell you to go to hell in such a nice way that you look forward to it.

Listen to the virologists, the doctors, the World Health Organization. Look at the data, the numbers. People are still falling sick, and dying from the Covid-19 daily. And the numbers are adding up. Covid-19 is not 'just a little flu.'

Nope, it's defintly not...
Thanks for passing by 👍

My pleasure. :-)

Greetings from Los Angeles county. The only thing increasing faster than our COVID-19 cases is ethereum's gas prices.