Old Street Scene

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Nope, the inspiration has not yet returned... but browsing through my photo collection also yields nice results for some re-edited pictures.

Like this one... a typical example of a street scene that will never be seen again!
What? No, no... the store still exists. And yes, they still sell the same stuff...

Why you will never see this scene again... Well, never heard of social distancing? That applies to everyone you know… 😉

And a small PS: apparently my black and white re-edited photo from yesterday was appreciated. It must have been at least a year since I got such a big upvote... thank you @upmewhale, really appreciated!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 7 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Here social distancing is not neccessary if you live together in the same home. That would mean, these guys would still be able to be so close together ... and even closer if they wanted ;) lol

Have a great day and may your inspiration come back soon 😊

Cheers and !BEER

They're much closer when they're inside... 😉
I also hope the inspiration comes back quickly... maybe it's just an overdose of Hive...
On the other hand, I love that programming... I learn something new everyday, mostly what I still have to learn 😂

I can imagine that, but I don't want to 😂

I used to develop small applications and a little CMS in ASP/VBScript, but it's a long time since I have written the last code, although I still can remember working till the morning and searching for errors and the fun when finally something worked as expected 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

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