Family, baby and Smiling Dog



Remarkable image huh? I found this story very astonishing while surfing through my time line on Twitter. The baby was born on the same day as the grandpa holding Oz the smiling Dog outside the glass, all thanks to Covid. The dog was named after great grandpa and grandpa who came to check on the new born baby being held by his uncle.

You don't get it right? The man holding the baby is the man outside the glass son, which makes the baby his cousin. The beautiful link is that, the baby born on the same day as his Grandpa and Great Grandpa is unique, plus the dog named after his forefathers. Isn't it beautifully remarkable?

Sadly Covid19 is still on the lose and newborns don't have strong immunity yet at birth, so the grandparents can't hold or touch the baby yet, one of their sons just became a new father and the brother is the one helping the new mom and his sibling the new Dad. Family is a bliss, when love and affection that comes with new babies are not ignored. I mean I lost my cool(went crazy happy) when my immediate bro had my Nephew, still lost my cool when my Niece came some months ago after the global lockdown!