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Hello my city people and Hive,

We've all seen the crazy events lately, the shocking (but not entirely unexpected) censorship being done by nearly all the Big Tech companies, like Twitter, Facebook, Google, just to name a few. Unfortunately, Discord also took part in this:

Discord bans Reddit-linked pro-Trump server tied to attack on the U.S. Capitol

I guess I can understand why so many in the Hive space latched on to Discord. It's nice, easy, fun, shiny with lot's of bells and whistle. It's got cool emojies, etc, etc.

However, Discord is centralized, closed source, and run by a single company, and this is unacceptable to anyone that cares about the ideals of crypto.

There are two types of people in the crypto space

  • Group One: People here for the money. They want to flip coins. Crypto is hip and cool and shiny, oh! and the money
  • Group Two: This more rare category who actually give a shit about the ideals and principles that underpin the crypto currency movement. Ideas like Open Source, Decentralization, and coin economics that make sense, free speech. Coins that bring unique and useful new technologies to the table. Group 2 will invest in solid cryptos that adhere to these types of principles. And yes they like making money too, but that's not the main goal.

Sadly most people are in group One, but you can rest assured that I am solidly in group Two.

Thus, in light of recent events, I have decided to move my city from Discord (where it was born) to somewhere else. Currently I have choosen to move to Element,

Element is decentralized and open source, certainly it's not a crypto, but step in the right direction. I don't like Telegram or Signal because they require phone numbers. I'm certainly open to other ideas, if anyone has any.

I and my city won't move overnight. It will happen slowly over a period of time, but my end goal is to have myself and my city completely off of Discord, maybe in about 3 to 6 months.

Element information:

My id there is
Neoxian city chat:

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An admirable stance indeed. Where ever you go we follow you sir because we trust you.

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An admirable decision. Censorship is insidious because it begins being justified by ideologues with the "ends justifies the means" fallacy and focuses on a few isolated individuals/movements, yet ends up impeding basic communication, civil discourse, fosters chaos/division, and expands its scope gradually to include anyone who dares to have an independent thought of any kind — anyone that does not conform to the narrative of the State (in our case, much of the globe is becoming a technocracy ruled by multinational corporations, with nation-states functioning as their puppets.)

The companies are able to hide behind the rationalization that they are "private companies" and not governmental agencies... but for all practical purposes, they are technocratic dictatorships with nearly unchecked influence over the flow of everyday information in modern society and represent one of the most serious threats to civil liberty today.

This situation should be taken seriously and anyone that is cheering for censorship in any form, even of their political or ideological opponents, should study history to see what happens when a powerful superminority has the ability to decide what can and cannot be said.

Indeed a dragon decision and you all city people follow your footsteps Neo sir.

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Right decision. No matter how user friendly an app interface is , I don't care , I care about what's going on behind.


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I haven't been on Discord for a long time (I forgot my account and password) and I haven't visited the city for a while. :) I'll visit the city again in its new address. Have a great one, Mr. Dragon...

Thanks for the post, I have tried several times to ask about Neoxian City, because I don't know what is it exactly, and when I reached Discord I see that you guys moved...
Then googled "Element" and was unable to find anything... Talk about Net Neutrality.... Thanks to this post I will be able to find you guys.
Incoming! ^_^

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I definitely hope Discord doesn't get as retarded as FB and Twitter. They kinda started to go on that path unfortunately so I can understand your decision.

If the city goes to element then JonnSnow goes there as well. I admire your conviction boss so let's go!

The city belongs to peoples so where the city will go the peoples will go so will I 👍, The things is totally different I already been there😀🙏

I am in group 1 now, I will be in group 2 soon. Thank you @neoxian for looking us where we are.

It is a great decision. I was surprised to know my son is already there. Open source is one ideal that should define a crypto enthusiast.
Congratulations to Neoxian City for this decision.

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If Discord follows the same sh!t rules as Twitter & other social medias, yes this might be a good move. I will look at this option too!


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Good move! I will check this out!
Bravo to you for keeping up with the righteous way. All the best to your effort! It’s quite shocking to know about this centralization and banning!

We have to follow you wherever you go

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