Social Media and self-esteem!

in The City of Neoxian2 months ago

You may think that the main reason we use social media is to connect with friends, family and thus with the world. But the truth is actually the opposite. Yeah, there are different researches showing that our social media attractive is actually associated with loneliness, anxiety, depression, lack of self skill and social connection.



You can simplify by saying that people who have a lack of self and social skill become more attached to social media; not just to improve it rather find a space to hide it.

I think it explains it all!

Also, our social media attraction creating a paradox between who we show we are and who we really are. It gives us more options to choose and makes it harder to choose any. And the 'validation' we seek from social media is inevitable.

Don't you think it's creating a negative impact on our self-esteem?

We are forcing ourselves to look good, to talk good, to look confident, to look rich and so on. But when it clashes with our personality we lose ourselves. The continuous comparison we do seeing other's life, the validation we seek from people is unnecessary. Not only it stressed us out but also it lowers down what we really are.

We rather should think a little bit, why we are using social media? what output it's giving us? Are we happy with it? If there's anything we should do? Do we need to focus on something else? Start to ask yourself questions. Those answers will lead you to a better social skill.

We have to remind ourselves how worthy we are. Don't live for other's judgment, validation. Be confident in your own way. And you will be the winner!