|| Be natural kindness in real life ||

We all have seen how visual life is affecting our kindness and how it shifts our focus and perspective. Wondering what I'm talking about? Just think, how many times you ignore different help-seeking posts on social media, how many times you ignore any war photos, how many times you fake your kindness but feel another way in your heart? If you are not the one, maybe your friend, maybe I'm also included in this list. We are getting away from the natural kindness and showing virtual or fake kindness more.



This is a scenario we can find worldwide, from a personal level to any international level. Like in a relationship we focus more on virtual kindness- how our other half is treating us online. This is so wired, it hampers our relationship. Also, when it comes to a border perspective, we showoff kindness but don't do much in real life. So, the question is how can we make ourselves a better person through practicing kindness and bringing the natural virtue of kindness?

Listen and focus. Don't ignore who need your help, don't ignore who seeks attention and love. Show your kindness what they deserve. Help them from your level best and spread the news.

Show gratitude. A simple act, a smile, a thank you can make others feel better about yourself. Don't hesitate to show your kindness.

See the bigger picture. When it comes to helping and kindness, we count race, ethnicity, religion and so many things. But we miss the bigger picture as a human. It's hard to get out from that perspective we surely can do that and be a little conscious towards humanity.

Plan ways to impact. Not only in the thought trying to make a difference through the action.

The virtual world can connect us but we need to show kindness through our real-world to make an impact. It's not like that the virtual world cannot bring kindness and help. We can use that to spread the news but it's necessary to be kind in our real life also.