Not just better than anyone, be the best you can be!

in The City of Neoxianlast month

Life is not a competition. The more we compare ourselves with someone else, the more we stress out. And the more chance we create for us to become unhappy. When we talk about success, life achievement we often compare and take that example as our goal. But we usually ignore the fact that we all have a different journey and life. It's not possible and even necessary for us all to have everything the same.



You can take an example from your personal or professional life to relate this. Because it's a very common virtue in all of us. We fix someone else's success as our goal. There's a high chance that we will not make it that way because we are different. And this leads us to be stressed, depressed, and anxious.

When we talk about Personal Development this mindset should come first. If we focus on giving our best then we can make our own path of success and development. Making our own identity is necessary than blindly following someone else. I would say it's very essential to have 'idol' in life and we should take 'examples' from others' life. But it's can't be our goal. It shouldn't come like a competition.

Moreover, when we only focus on being better than anyone, we only can make it. But maybe we are better than that in our own way. This mindset automatically closes the door to explore our own power and develop ourselves more. You will find many examples around you where people make their own path rather following someone else. Understanding and incorporating these in life is very necessary.

Let's be better, not worried about someone else's success. But be the best of what you can. At the end this only matter, if you give your 100% or not.