Happy National Day To Switzerland

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Hello Hive family,

Today is a special day. There's the Hive Power Up Day challenge, the Eid Mubrak and moreover in our wonderful land it's the national fest 😇

WhatsApp Image 20200801 at 22.27.39.jpeg

Unfortunately, this year because of Covid in at least 7 cantons fireworks have been banned. For information, in Switzerland there are 26 cantons.

So actually in our city fires are unfortunately forbidden. I think it's the first time that it happens like this because I have no memory of it...

So it will be a calm night by my side.

I accompanied a friend to visit an apartment. When we came back, we joined one of her friends who was making a barbecue with her family. It was very nice.

As you can see today, I went to the Chanel Avenue. We was driving when I saw this blue pannel and I asked my friend to stop, so I could take a picture with her Samsung Galaxy S20 😤

WhatsApp Image 20200801 at 22.27.19.jpeg

Chance at the Chanel Avenue is like Martine à la foire, lol 😂

WhatsApp Image 20200801 at 22.26.40.jpeg

Happy National Day to all my Swiss compatriots on Hive and all around the world.

Always with love and hugs 😘



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Happy National Day, my friend <3 !!!

Thank you very much dear friend 😊

Happy National day for you too @misschance , I have BC day this Monday's long Weekend on the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Another day I can sleep in.

Oh so cool and very nice, thank you so much sister friend @kerrislravenhill.
How was your weekend ?

Happy Swiss day! Hope it was an enjoyable one all things considered

Thank you so much my friend yes it was a calm and a good one. It made me feel good 😇

Have a Happy Day, mi dear @misschance

I hope you enjoy it very much


I had a cool one, I was suppose to stay at home but it was finally a good day.
Normally we go to party or stay outside all the night but this year it was calm but also good too, thanks friend @librepensadora 😊

So glad you got to celebrate this day for the country. The blue sign matches your outfit. Stay safe and take care. Thanks for sharing your day. Where is your new Footer you created?

Thank you so much, yes that was also for that I ask her to stop and take the pic 😅
Oww you right, I will put it thank you for the remind.