Guess Who I Met Yesterday ?

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Hello Hive,

How are you today?

Yesterday after having my nails done, I go to a shop in the center of my city to see if I could buy some African prints masks.

Passing by, I noticed that the alley was pretty special. Indeed, often decorated and painted differently by huge frescoes on the ground, the Chavannes street is a place that everyone knows and very frequently visitedin Neuchâtel.
WhatsApp Image 20200715 at 13.33.58.jpeg

It feels like the south with all this clothes hanging. It's not very common especially in Switzerland 😄
WhatsApp Image 20200715 at 13.39.11 1.jpeg
As you can see, there even was an Anonymous T-shirt, aha that's cool.


After this caption, I stop by to talk to a friend when we met one of our champions. Johan Djourou, a professional football player belonging to the Swiss national team.

He was walking around when I ask him : Djourou ?

  • He said : Yes.
  • Oh, I esclamed myself, what are you doing, can we take a picture together? He accepted.

I told him that my name is Chance and with one elbow punch to say hi, he laugh.
WhatsApp Image 20200715 at 14.06.41.jpeg

After, I ask him why he was there because, he normally play in Geneva or elsewhere in a worldwide soccer club. He told me he just began to play in our city team Xamax FCS. I was happy to heard it and I followed :

  • Oh very nice, we will come to support you but you have to win 😂

I have tried to make it horns but he was too high. Ahaha.
A bad photographer friend took the picture of us. GGRRRR... I do not have a nice face 😒
WhatsApp Image 20200715 at 14.06.40.jpeg

At the end, I finished with a big: WELCOME TO THE CITY 😊

WhatsApp Image 20200715 at 13.31.38.jpeg

It was a good day.

All picture have been taken with my Wiko.


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Nice pictures. That street is very pretty and picturesque... you look so happy! I'm glad you can go out and enjoy

Thank you so much friend @maryed, yes I feel very lucky in this world crisis to have the opportunity to go out and I really ove this old street 😊

Awesome, lol @belemo and @nickyhavey look who it is Johan, remember when him and Senderos had that one stellar season?

One of our numerous one hit wonders. The could haves and would haves that never happened.

LOL we could make an entire team of the best potential to never win anything easily

Thanks my friend, yes it was memorable....

Are you an Arsenal fan? Lol if not, you should be

Aaha, I was a litle when Thierry Henry played there 😊
Are you ?
Since, I do not realy have a favourite team ... I will may check when all tournament will began good.

LOL I can see why you’re no longer a fan then anything after Henry was never as good

Hand player?!? Ahaha. Lol no, I liked the team in general.

Amaaaazing gemini twin!!! You look so happy and your nails are booooom girl! Haha.

That street is beautiful too. I'm glad to see that you can go outside and enjoy the summer ♥️♥️

Thank you my GT ♊️ @vicvperezdelara, for your comments. 😘
This street is very special, once I will may look more for his story if there's one.
Yes we are very lucky but warning and careful in every recomendations...