Weekend at the (Mostly) Frozen Lake

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I visited my parents this weekend, and was hoping to spend some time on the ice. It's been a warm winter, so I didn't know what condition the lake would be in. When I first got there I saw a big gash in it, which didn't give me much confidence.


After looking at it more, it didn't look like the ice pack was solid enough to make me comfortable, and it was melting along the sea wall. I decided to stay off the ice this trip, just to be safe. But I got some pictures.



This one is a close up under a tree that overhangs the lake. You can see seeds, leaves, and sticks that have fallen in and gotten encased as the lake froze.


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Our lakes down here didn't even get that much ice. This was a crazy winter for sure. I don't mind the early spring at all, as long as it doesn't freeze and kill everything.