Song Challenge Day 69 - A Song Accompanied by Awesome Choreography

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Mud - Tiger Feet

The first time I saw this video, I couldn't look away. It was like staring into a rift in space-time that's moving towards you very slowly. You know you should run, but you think to yourself "What can it hurt to look for another 4 minutes?". So you stay, and get a little glimpse into a state of perpetual joy.

I wasn't around when this song was birthed, but if this was what 1974 was like, I wish I had been. The guitar player with Christmas ornaments in his hair, the lead singer's belt buckle, the 4 backup dancers who are somehow not in the background, but an integral part of the performance; it all perfectly fits into what I imagine the glam scene to have been.

And the choreography. Oh, the choreography. It's as if everyone sent their dad to dance camp for a day, which was also run by someone's dad. Armed with one day's worth of questionable dancing instruction, they were all then told to come up with a routine together. All ideas were heard and then voted on, and ultimately only those dance moves that everyone could manage to do got into the final version of the routine. I love it, and I hope you do too. Oh, and the song is catchy as well.

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