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The end of the season was good to my Alt account. As a reminder, I started this account to see what the experience was like for players starting from scratch with only an Untamed starter pack. It's been a slow grind, with some days seeing a 3:1 loss:win ratio, especially on silver leagues. Black seems to be my weakest splinter, with those quests taking the longest.

At the end of last season, I got two great things from my loot chests: a Legendary, and an orb.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.14.49 AM.png

The Zalran Efreet is a good card, but is only worth 66 cents currently. I've decided it's worth more to me as a card than the DEC I would get for selling it. So I'll use it to enhance my red Splinter.

For the orb, I decided to wait until I've accumulated 5 Legendary and Alchemy potions before opening it. I've turned on the "Do not use potions for Reward cards" option in my account settings, so I can accumulate the potions faster. Once I open my orb, I'll turn it back off. Reward cards are typically all I open, since I've made a decision to see how far I can get without an additional investment.

According to peak monsters, my cards are currently worth $1.60. Definitely not much, but not bad for playing a game. However, since I got the starter pack for free, I didn't spend the initial $10. So the math only works if you get the starter pack for free.

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