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RE: 2 Days left in the season and I am trying to rent Valnamor 😂

It is true, sometimes I am tired, I want to finish the quest at all costs and keep insisting on the wrong splint, this sometimes makes me lose several battles in a row and drop almost 200 points, that's silly.

About the rent I never rented, so I don't know, if I were you I would buy it soon, this summoner is too good not to have.

But with him you will become invincible, so I don't know... :D

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Lolz Maria😂 yea when you are tired don't play because losing 200 points is not with it and then you will have to win straight 10 battles to cover those points. So it is better just leave it where it is and come back with full power. This is what I do. I just lost 72 points on ts and now i am sad :/